Swimmers are expected to be poolside and ready to swim at least 5 minutes before the start of practice. This gives our coaches enough time to make important announcements, explain practical exercises, and speak with swimmers individually as needed.

During trainings swimmers must:

  • respect the other swimmers, coaches, officials and parents, whether by gestures or words, and notify a coach or board member if there is a problem with another swimmer, coach, or adult.
  • comply with pool safety regulations and behave in a calm and civilized manner in the locker room. Courtesy is mandatory between swimmers, near the pool and during competitions.
  • notify the coach of absences or latenesses.
  • immediately notify the coach of any discomfort or pain.
  • notify the coach, before the workout, of any injury or temporary restriction that may affect the training.
  • bring their water bottles on the deck of the pool and drink lightly throughout the training.
  • go get his equipment for training (ex. Fins, boards, pull buoy, etc.).